Noise Barriers For Electrical and Water Utilities

To support the ever-increasing demand for water and electricity, more and larger pumping and electrical substations are being built and retrofitted throughout the country. Whereas such facilities were historically located away from densely populated areas, urban growth is expanding around once remote utility sites. An aging national grid and water system, combined with increasing urban sprawl, has created a new and challenging issue for utility companies and municipal planners: Unwanted noise

outdoor noise barrier walls

Outdoor Utility Noise Barrier Solution

The development of highly-effective and aesthetically-pleasing sound-absorbing noise barriers has become the key remedy in addressing unwanted noise emanating from our water wastewater and electrical grid.  Not only do these barriers significantly decrease noise levels for nearby homeowners and businesses, they provide a pleasing visual screen for the unsightly equipment on such sites.

utility noise barrier walls

Although concrete has been the traditional go-to material for such noise barrier applications, today’s sound-absorbing barriers like the RetroSorb System provide a much better level of frequency attenuation while being non-conductive, fire-rated and much lighter in weight than concrete.  And the easier installation means less down-time for the utility companies and their customers.